Making Stuff Stronger

As Stacia mentioned earlier, NOVA, after decades of holding down Tuesday nights, has ambled over to Wednesdays. Make a note of this on whatever time piece you use to organize your evening life, because, as always, NOVA is worth watching.

From their Web site:

Materials have defined many eras of humankind including the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, as well as recent periods dominated by plastics and silicon, and more. Now, our world is poised on the edge of a revolution in the science of materials. MAKING STUFF, a 4-part NOVA series, reveals materials pushed to the extreme, then takes viewers on a nano-journey inside to reveal how atoms themselves can be manipulated. The results will change the future of medicine, computers, energy, and more: The “stuff” that makes this material world turn.

In the first episode, NOVA starts big, with sharks, and then looks small, discovering the make-up of super-tough shark skin, and then expands again. It’s a journey to find out how the toughest materials be be made even tougher.

Airdates for NOVA: Making Stuff Stronger:
1/19 9:00 pm WOSU TV
1/20 2:00 am WOSU TV
1/20 9:00 pm WOSU PLUS
1/24 2:30 am WOSU TV

– Scott