Lost In The Amazon- Wednesday, March 19

SECRETS OF THE DEAD returns to the schedule on WOSU TV Wednesday, March 19 at 10pm.  In this latest mystery, modern-day explorers set out to find the mythical city of gold.

Famed adventurer Col. Percy Fawcett went looking for a city of gold, the Lost City of “Z”, in the Amazon in 1925 and disappeared in the jungles of Brazil.  SECRETS OF THE DEAD: LOST IN THE AMAZON unravels the truth of what really happened to Fawcett and shares surprising finds that are causing experts to re-think the image of a pristine uninhabited Amazon rainforest.  Evidence reveals what was thought to be a place devoid of  civilization, before Columbus, may have had large populations living in sophisticated towns and cities.

Col. Fawcett and his expedition may have actually discovered these ruins fueling his fervor to find the city of gold. The program uses stylized dramatic Fawcett recreations, old films and archival photos, interviews with family members of Fawcett, jungle villagers and scientists at ancient Indian archaeological sites to uncover the truth about Fawcett and bring a new understandings of life in pre-Columbian America. Trekking along the paths that Fawcett followed, the search for clues ends at a Xinguano-Kuikuro village in the heart of the Mato Grosso, where a new archaeological discovery may reveal the true location of the Lost City of “Z”. Go on a search for gold with SECRETS OF THE DEAD.