John Glenn: A Life of Service

John Glenn: A Life of Service chronicles this American hero, born in Ohio, who has dedicated himself to a life of duty and public service.

Using archival footage and interviews with Senator Glenn, lawmakers, journalists, and historians, the documentary is an inspiring look at Glenn’s incredible career. From a war pilot to being the first American to orbit the Earth to his days in the Senate – and at 77 years of age becoming the oldest person to go into space – the viewer is transported to the pivotal moments in John Glenn’s life when he put country before self.

Support for the WOSU Public Media production of John Glenn: A Life of Service is provided by The Ohio State University Athletic Department. Tune in for the local broadcast premiere on July 17 at 9pm on WOSU TV; (replay July 28 at 8pm).

Online Chat

Join use the day after the documentary premiere, July 18 at 8 p.m. for online chat and to see exclusive content that didn’t appear in the broadcast version. The chat is also an opportunity to ask questions of both the film’s executive producer, Ben Bays, as well as the archivist for the John H. Glenn Archives at The Ohio State University, Jeffrey Thomas.

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