Kennedy and Nixon

The Kennedy and Nixon presidencies are both history lessons for me. I was just starting in this world when Kennedy was assassinated and too young to know what “Tricky Dick” was up to. As I’ve noted before in this blog, I have a passion for history and truth be told come from a long line of politically active family members. Growing up I was exposed to many dinner conversations discussing the current political climate. So I heard a great deal about President’s Kennedy and Nixon before I even got the chance to study them.

One of my all time favorite PBS program series is AMERICAN EXPERIENCE’S THE PRESIDENTS. When I was living in Georgia the PBS station ran a marathon of  THE PRESIDENT’S series and I was there for every last minute.  If you’re a fan of the series like me, I’m happy to report you’ll get the chance to see more of  THE PRESIDENT’S  series in February.  If you just can’t wait, you’re in luck because we’ll be airing the Kennedy and Nixon programs on Sunday.

Of course if you know anything about President Kennedy, you know that a program that doesn’t look at the entire Kennedy clan as it relates to the presidency is an incomplete program.  Without Papa Jo paving the way and grooming the boys it would be hard to imagine a Kennedy presidency at all.  AMERICAN EXPERIENCE KENNEDY’S runs through the whole story.  Always fascinating, no matter how much you’ve read or seen, somehow America can’t get enough of the Kennedy’s.

Kennedy’s: American Experience airs 2pm, Sunday, November 21 on WOSU TV.

Then there’s Richard Milhous Nixon, what do you say about Nixon?  What a complicated man.  How could you be such a polished diplomat, he opened China to the world, and not really trust anyone?  Nixon was his own worst enemy and amazingly he knew it.  Whether you liked him or not he’s an important figure in American history for many reason’s and people need to learn his story.  What’s that famous phase, those that don’t know history are bound to repeat it, or something like that.  NIXON AMERICAN EXPERIENCE is a good place to start.  It’s a good look at a brilliant but flawed man.

Nixon: American Experience airs 5pm, Sunday, November 21 on WOSU TV.

Stacia H.