It’s Time For The June Membership Drive

On Saturday, June 2  WOSU TV will begin the last membership drive of our fiscal year.   The June drive is never easy, it’s hard to compete with The Memorial, graduation parties and beautiful summer weather!   Never the less we push on and put together a line-up of program specials we hope you’ll enjoy.

We’ll kick off the drive Saturday night with a great new music program, Fab Four: The Ultimate Beatles Tribute.  These guys are really good  and as a special bonus we’ll have tickets to their concert in Columbus for those folks who decide to become a new member or are reminded it’s time to renew their membership.  Another new program you’ll see, Kathy Smith’s Ageless Energy.   Kathy will  provide solutions to the “personal energy crisis” of viewers specifically in the 50+ demographic. She’ll redefine the concept of fitness for women and men, in both inspirational and practical terms.   For the parents and grandparents out there, we have Kid Concoctions: Wacky & Wild.   Learn to create homemade versions of popular toy store items, for pennies, using common household ingredients.  How about spending time with your kids or grandkids making Flying Retro Rockets, Gooey Gunk, Hydro Jet Boats, Fruity Lip Gloss, or Ocean In A Bottle.

Some of our most popular programs will also be returning during this membership drive.  Don’t miss your chance to spend time with Dr. Joel Furhman as he goes through his 3 steps to incredible health and Dr. Amen will apply his techniques to allow you to Use Your Brian To  Change Your Age.  Please check our June broadcast schedule listings for all air times and dates on your favorite program specials.

Most importantly I hope you’ll remember all the great programming WOSU TV has brought to you throughout this past year.  If you enjoyed   “Downton Abbey” or “Sherlock” ,  “American Masters: Johnny Carson” or “American Experience: Jesse Owens”  then please consider becoming a member or renewing your membership during this June drive!


  • Welsh_eyes_sparkle

    I hope these membership drives don’t increase it has been the most boring time for a lot of us. If you had the programmes that really appeal to people on then it wouldn’t be so bad but some of this stuff is just a turn off. You are in the baby boomer time get use to it. We have the money and we like Masterpiece Mystery and theatre. All the British programmes most of all the grand series such as As Time Goes By ( should be an hour EVERY NIGHT NO ONE MINDS HOW MANY TIMES IT STARTS OVER) which seems to be an all time favorite for you to replace whenever you have any special. Why not replace Tavis Smily or this old house. Don’t just pick on the programes that we enjoy having a good laugh with. Are you being served is another as well as Masterpiece Mysteries, Downton Abbey was great. These are the all time favorites in the nursing homes and Babyboomer homes. We are getting enough political mumbo jumbo on the other channels. This should be entertainment such as the series we grew up with like Stuart Burrows OBE, not only was he the most well renown and sought after Tenor in all opera venues all over the world, but he was also known as the best Mozart lyricist of all time. He taught and founded many of the opera singers today, he came from a very humble background. Then had his program on the side Singing with Stuart Burrows which was on PBS WOSU for years. Bring it back children now a days would love it. It isn’t the children that have changed it is what we feed them. You have to give us a little more before you expect to get more and the babyboomers are the ones with most of the money. Take that to your board of directors and see what they have to say.