It’s the Great Pumpkins Charlie Brown!

The Giant Pumpkins Have Returned!(Photo:
The Giant Pumpkins Have Returned!(Photo:

Every year around this time my colleagues seem to get a big kick out of teasing me about pumpkins!  Must be because this is the time I head off on my annual pilgrimage to the Circleville Pumpkin Show.  My favorite day to go, Wednesday of course when it’s all about the big pumpkins!  No disappointments this year, if you ignored the weather, another big one tipped the scales weighing in at 1,436 1/2 pounds.  The Dispatch calls this year’s winner the “Prince of Pumpkins” but he’s really just another member of the LORDS OF THE GOURD.

Judging from our viewers reaction LORDS OF THE GOURD: THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE has to be one of  their all time favorite programs.  If by chance you have yet to see it LORDS OF THE GOURD  follows extreme gardener Joe Pukos and his his fellow competitors as they get ready to compete at the annual Cooperstown, New York Pumpkin Weigh Off.  These masters of the gourd nurture their prized possessions through harsh weather, floods, animal attacks and even sabotage to produce glorious pumpkins of gigantic proportion.  Each competitor has their own way of growing just the right size pumpkin and what they go through just deciding which one of their babies will make the trip to Cooperstown for the big show,  is a show unto itself.  I do love this program every time I see it!

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