It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

I saw a report on the news this week of a pumpkin in California that weighed in at a whopping 1,535 pounds! As most of my colleagues around the station know, I visit the Circleville Pumpkin Show every year. I have quite a collection of hand-blown glass pumpkins. If you’re a regular visitor to the show you know what I’m talking about. The first thought that came to my head after seeing the California pumpkin, was we can do much better than that here in Ohio. Just wait until October 20th in Circleville and we’ll see who reigns supreme!

To get ready for the Pumpkin show WOSU TV will air LORDS OF THE GOURD: THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE at 9pm on Tuesday, October 19. The extreme gardeners who compete in the annual pumpkin weigh off have one obsessive goal; to raise the biggest, giant pumpkin in the world. These gardeners will try all kinds of methods to get the monster of all pumpkins. They use homemade concoctions, spend hours and hours in the patch and are on the lookout for possible sabotage.

I really enjoy watching these folks get that giant pumpkin out of the patch and to the weigh off. It’s a fun program and who knows you may be inspired to grow your own giant pumpkin.

Stacia H.