In the Home Stretch

We’re in the home stretch for the March membership drive.  I hope you’ve found some programs you’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks and made the decision to renew your membership or become a brand new member.   A couple of my favorite shows from this drive are “Big Band Vocalists” and “Downton Abbey: Behind the Scenes”.

I think I was drawn to “Big Band Vocalist” because my mother loves old movies and she’s past that particular trait on to me.  All those great old black and white movies where the plot line was just the back drop for big music and dance numbers. There are some really great movie moments in “Big Band Vocalists”, check it out if you haven’t already.

We return to regular programming on Wednesday, March 21 with a 10pm special profiling a group of firefighters whose town vanished in the March, 2011 Japan tsunami.  As I always say we can’t bring you great programming without your help.  Thank you for being a member and if you’re still waiting, I hope you’ll give it some thought.