Ideas, Ideas ?

I’ve been sitting at my desk working on three projects at once, which is pretty typical. Every so often I glance up at one of the TV monitors in my office and get pulled into a yummy looking dish being prepared on one of the many cooking programs we air on WOSU PLUS. I just lost my email connection and my work comes to a stop, so I figure it’s a good time to catch up on my blog. Problem now is an idea, my little brain is trying to come up with something that may be of the slightest interest to you.

We have a good week ahead on WOSU TV full of great programming. THE PIONEERS OF TELEVISION series continues Tuesday night with WESTERNS. I thank the Congress for starting the State of the Union Address at 9pm instead of 8pm so we could get the WESTERN show on as scheduled.

Did you find NOVA at it’s new time last week? If not here’s a reminder, Wednesday night 9pm.

Here’s something that may interest you on Sunday, GROUND WAR. In case you’re missing your weekly dose of war on the gridiron, here’s you chance to stay in the groove until next weekend when the Steelers beat the Packers!

My email is back and I’m really out of ideas, maybe I’ll get some comments on my choice for Super Bowl champions. Oh and speaking of the Super Bowl ladies, if you’re not real keen on watching the game, how about spending the afternoon with MASTERPIECE CLASSIC and TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES.

Stacia H.