Happy New Year, It’s 1964!

On Tuesday night, January 14 AMERICAN EXPERIENCE goes back 50 years to take a look at 1964.   It was a very eventful year and many of us that make up the last years of the baby boomer generation are celebrating that birthday milestone.  When I started to look back at the year I was amazed at all the events that happened in that 12 month time period.

1964 was the year of the Beatles and the Civil Rights Act. In the news was the Gulf of  Tonkin and Barry Goldwater’s campaign for the presidency. Americans learned that smoking was bad for their health and Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali.  It was also the year that cities across the country erupted in violence and America was picking up the pieces after the JFK assassination.  This is a great look back at a very pivotal year in American history.

1964 AMERICAN EXPERIENCE airs Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 8pm on WOSU TV with an encore presentation on Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 8pm on WOSU PLUS.