Frontline: The Choice 2012

The first “Frontline: The Choice” program I remember watching profiled Clinton and Dole.  When the program ended I felt  I had gotten a real sense of each candidate.  The program didn’t run through proposals, or political talking points.  All it did  was introduced me, the viewer, to where each candidate  grew up, his family and friends  and his life experiences to that point.  Doesn’t seem like much but I felt as if I really knew how each candidate would govern the country and my choice became clearer.

Tuesday evening on WOSU TV  “Frontline” will present “The Choice 2012″.  We’ve heard this election season  how clear the choice should be, which America do you want for the future.  Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have spent hundreds of millions of dollars telling their own stories, and framing the story of the other guy.  In “The Choice 2012″,  “Frontline” goes far beyond the headlines and into their worlds, among their friends and family, critics, and closest colleagues, to understand what drives each man.  Just like the program I watched several years ago,  I believe this one  will also make things clearer.

“Frontline: The Choice 2012″ airs Tuesday, October 9 at 9pm on WOSU TV, with an encore presentation Wednesday, October 10 at 9pm on WOSU PLUS.  One additional airing of  “Frontline: The Choice 2012″ can be seen on WOSU TV Sunday, October 14 at 10pm.