From Mystery to Classic

Tonight we transition from MASTERPIECE MYSTERY to MASTERPIECE CLASSIC. This is a fairly subtle transition that I’m sure most of you wouldn’t really notice unless you’re a huge fan of the mystery genre. Then I’d be willing to bet after a couple of weeks you may start to notice you hadn’t seen a mystery program.

I started this last year when a few viewers asked why they never get to see a repeat of the good drama’s they enjoy each winter. Yes, you’ll see a Jane Austin pop up here and there on a Sunday afternoon, but I felt these viewers had a good point and I needed to do some investigating on the subject. So when the new season of MASTERPIECE MYSTERY begins each summer, instead of repeating another mystery on Thursday nights we now use the summer to take another look at some of the great drama’s you enjoyed over the past winters.

Tonight we start off at 10pm on WOSU TV with A ROOM WITH A VIEW.

In June you’ll see a little Dickens and Jane Austin and in July we’ll repeat this winter’s hit DOWNTON ABBY.

I hope you’ll spend some time with the classics this summer on Thursday nights at 10pm or set your DVR to enjoy later.

Stacia H.