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“45365″ is about the ordinary, a snapshot of daily life in Sidney, Ohio – the very essence of Middle America. If David Lynch had directed it, it would be about the sinister underbelly that lies in the souls of everyday folks.

But, no.

This is by Bill and Turner Ross, their first feature length film, which was the winner of 2009′s SXSW Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Q: What do people commonly ask you after they’ve seen the film?

A: Filming with that many people over that amount of time (9 months), there are many stories, as you might imagine. We’re often asked what happened to this person or that person. We like to leave those questions unanswered because their lives are their own and they don’t start and stop within the framework of a 90-minute film. We only show a couple minutes of their experience; the film is not meant to define them.

Here’s a clip, in which you’ll get a feel for the town, which is as big a character as any of the people who inhabit it:

Not enough? How about this clip?

If you get the feeling that you are far, far away from a Hollywood production, you’re getting the point. “45365″ follows threads, from a high school football game, to a judge’s re-election, to a county fair, to a smash-up derby. Quietly, the viewer absorbs the sights, sees how people are linked together, watches the ebbs and flows of life. As a native Ohioan, I get it. All of it. We’re not about flash, but if you overlook the people, you’re missing some great stories.

45365 airs on Sunday, 12/19 at 11pm, and repeats 12/24 at 1:00am.

– Scott