First Freedom: The Fight For Religious Liberty

On Tuesday night, December 18 WOSU TV will air “First Freedom: The Fight For Religious Liberty”.  A beautifully made film that transports you back to the time of the Founding Father’s and the struggles of shaping a new country.  The producers description of the program is as follows; ‘The right of freedom of religion in the United States instigated a fundamental shift in human history. No other aspect of the American Revolution was as intrepid in its own time, or ultimately, as influential worldwide. This program profiles the generation of colonial Americans who raised the ideal of religious freedom to the level of a fundamental human right. And it honors those founders who could not rest until it was carved into law’.

“First Freedom: The Fight For Religious Liberty” airs Tuesday, December 18 at 8pm on WOSU TV with an encore presentation Wednesday, December 19 at 8pm on WOSU PLUS.