End of the Space Age?

Astronaut John W. Young, Commander of Apollo 16

On Tuesday evening we finish up the four part series, SPACE AGE:NASA’S STORY. It’s been an amazing journey, seems kind of hard to believe that the last Shuttle mission is almost over and destined to become a small footnote in history. There doesn’t seem to be the interest in space travel as there once used to be. I don’t know maybe it’s because we’re so use to it now.

When you watched Star Trek or Star Wars over thirty years ago, looking at the Apollo program it seemed possible to imagine achieving that kind of space travel. Remember Space 1999, there was a whole city up there on the moon.

This last episode of SPACE AGE:NASA’S STORY, takes a look at what’s next for us in this final frontier. Will we go back to the moon? Will we set our site on manned missions to Mars or will we be content with the Space Station orbiting our world and stop there? Who really knows what the future will hold, but it’s been nice to look back at how far we did come in such a short period of time.

Next Tuesday we’ll get a different perspective on the whole space program. APOLLO WIVES will give us an insight as to what it was like on the home front.

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  • James Conal