Double The Fun with PBS KIDS

Double your fun with the new PBS Kids lineup starting June 2 on WOSU TV.(Photo: PBS)
Double your fun with the new PBS Kids lineup starting June 2 on WOSU TV.(Photo: PBS)

Beginning June 2, the lineup of PBS KIDS® programs on WOSU TV will change. WOSU TV has always made summer adjustments to the PBS KIDS lineup: kids are out of school for the summer and the research has shown this is the ideal time of the year to make changes. This summer, WOSU TV will give kids more of the programs they like more often, making it “Double the Fun.”


Many of our top-rated PBS KIDS programs will now air back-to-back throughout the day. This means kids will see more Curious George, Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Arthur every weekday.

We know that more kids ages 4 to 8 join our PBS KIDS audience every summer. This new schedule reflects the change we see in our kid’s audience and allows us to entertain the big kids as well as our preschoolers. If you’re missing one of your favorites, you can always watch PBS KIDS programs online anytime for free at PBS KIDS Video.

Our PBS KIDS schedule will change again in the fall when school is back in session and we introduce a brand new PBS KIDS program, Odd Squad.

  • Kate

    When will Word Girl be back? My boys are crushed it isn’t on anymore..

    • Stacia Hentz

      Word Girl will air Sunday mornings at 10:30am beginning June 15.

  • parentNY

    8pm ET
    Curious George must go back on. My son was very upset last night.

    • Stacia Hentz

      Curious George airs Monday-Friday at 8am, 8:30am, 2:30pm and 3pm on WOSU TV.

  • concerned parent

    Could we PLEASE get BETWEEN THE LIONS back on WOSU?!!!!

  • concerned parent

    Yes, we also LOVE WORD GIRL!