Doc Martin Season 3

WOSU TV began airing the Doc Martin series back in October.  It took a little while but it seems the audience is now hooked on the adventures of Martin Elingham and the residents of the village of Portwenn.  Season two is set to conclude its run this week.  

The premiere of season 3 will be next Thursday, May 15 at 9pm.  I know many of you have anxiously been waiting for the continuation of  Doc and Louisa’s story, so I wanted to give you a heads up.  If you haven’t been watching for a while, be sure to catch this week’s episode to get caught up on the action.

Here is a preview of the new season.

  • Diana Moore

    please keep this Doc Martin series on the air…. love the show….totally hooked… I am a Clunatic….

  • Billie D

    LOVE Doc Martin!!!!

  • Donna Ray

    We love Doc Martin. Please keep the series on the air.

  • Renee Pharris

    Absolutely luv Doc Martin! The quirky characters are wonderful. Please continue to air on WOSU!!