Decade of Discovery

Every so often you come across a program that is just a little “out there”.  “Decade of Discovery” from the BBC is one of those programs.  The animals you see are so weird you can’t stop watching them.  Did you watch the whole clip of the swimming sloth?

In the last decade scientists and explorers have discovered a staggering quarter of a million new species.  We can’t show you all of them so “Decade of Discovery”  showcases the most extraordinary in a special top ten list.  These are the creatures no one dreamed even existed, the ones which have  confounded scientists and caused the text books to be re-written.  From the world’s longest insect – almost as long as a human arm, to one of the rarest mammals on Earth – the pygmy three-toed sloth.   Oh, and don’t forget the carnivorous pitcher plant big enough for a human fist to fit inside.  You never know what you’ll find until you go looking!

“Decade of Discovery” airs Wednesday, May 30 ay 10pm on WOSU TV with an encore presentation Thursday, May 31 at 10pm on WOSU PLUS.

  • Catherine Healey

    I had the privelege of watching this amazing tv show this past Friday night-July 6th–I learned some fascinating new things–saw some great images-and reaffirmed my belief that all of nature is wondrous.