Cuban Missile Crisis-Three Men Go To War

Monday will mark the 50th anniversary of  what became known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.  On October 22nd, 1962, President Kennedy informed the people of the United States that the Soviet Union was building secret missile bases on the Island of Cuba, just 90 miles off the shores of Florida.  Over the next 13 days the world nervously waited for what would come and prepared for the worse.   This film tells the inside story of the Cuban Missile Crisis, exploring how during  that time  the earth teetered on the very brink of nuclear holocaust. The documentary brings to life the three central characters John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev, and explores how the world’s most powerful men fell into an abyss of their own making and what courage and luck it took to climb out again.

“Cuban Missile Crisis-Three Men Go To War” airs Tuesday, October 23 at 8pm on WOSU TV with an encore presentation Wednesday, October 24 at 8pm on WOSU PLUS.