Cranford, Need I Say More?

Some of you will say…no, no need to say more, I love Cranford and some of you will say…what are you talking about, what’s Cranford? If you want to find out what Cranford is, beginning Thursday at 10pm WOSU TV will air the first episode in the five part MASTERPIECE CLASSIC CRANFORD series. For those of you in the know, clear your calendar and start picking out your favorite tea.

This is a quintessential English period drama at its best. Based on three serialized Elizabeth Gaskell novels, Masterpiece’s CRANFORD transports the viewer to a small 1840’s Cheshire village in the English countryside right on the verge of change. Something the ladies of the village are not real keen on seeing happen. What really enhances this story is the fabulous cast, Francesca Annis, Simon Woods and Dame Judi Dench as Miss Matty Jenkyns. My favorite character is Miss Pole played by the fabulous Imelda Staunton. I suspect most of you can think of a town or neighborhood with their very own Miss Pole.

In this first episode Mary Smith flees a crisis at home to stay with two spinster sisters, Deborah and Matty Jenkyns in Cranford. Very soon after a handsome, new young doctor, Frank Harrison, played by Simon Woods, comes to Cranford, and his bachelor status is the talk of the town. Of course the young Dr. Harrison quickly spies a young lady that captures his interest.

When Cranford premiered in November, 2007 the first episode was watched by 8.43 million viewers in the U.K. A large portion of filming was done in south west England, the part of the country where you’ll find Stonehenge. Apparently a very popular film location, as it was also used for BBC productions of Pride and Prejudice , Emma and the 2000 and 2001 Harry Potter films.

This will be the first time WOSU will broadcast CRANFORD and its sequel RETURN TO CRANFORD back-to –back. I hope you’ll enjoy watching the ladies of CRANFORD and their adventures as much as I did.

Stacia H.