Columbus Neighborhoods:South Side-Thurs., Sept. 19 at 9p on WOSU

The historic neighborhood, known as South Side was once an industrial powerhouse, shaped by the thousands of people who moved there to work its furnaces and factories. From Hungarians immigrants to Appalachian migrants, they forged a thriving community that still pays homage to its heritage of steel and glass. South Side was also Columbus’ early bustling Jewish neighborhood. See how churches and other institutions have adjusted to changing times and the efforts of long-time residents to improve their beloved neighborhood.  It’s the newest edition to our COLUMBUS NEIGHBORHOODS series.

  • Aquarius Moon

    My Childhood home on Innis is in the clip…it has been torn down and replaced with a new one now…

  • Brenda Mankin

    Did they talk about (Omar Bakery)?

    • Melanie Gannon

      I don’t believe they did…. =( I lived by there till I was 5 and then we moved on Hanford in front of St. Leo. I loved the smell of that place waking up in the mornings…

  • tony kysa

    i lived on hanford and ann till i was 23

  • Frances Brewer

    I worked at Federal glass for 7 years( that’s when they closed down) my first job when I got back from calif with 3 kids my husband And I had separated

  • Frances Brewer

    I hate the south end white people don’t like black people had bad experiences there, they write kkk everywhere, it was better when my kids was growing up in the 70ths and 80ths, we lived on Ann st never had any problems

    • Phil Birnie

      That’s a pretty essentialist remark.

  • Keith

    Can you watch this online yet?