Christmas Day Specials on WOSU

I use to think putting a program schedule together for the month of December would be easy. There are so many great holiday shows out there, certainly there are more than enough to satisfy everyone’s taste.  It didn’t take long to realize that sometimes having too much of a good thing is not, as Martha would say, a good thing.  Reviewing all the great holiday programs out there and then trying to choose just the right programs for you is not an easy task.   So  I do the best I can and hope you find something that brings you a little entertainment this holiday season.

This year we’re fortunate enough to have some of your favorite how-to shows give us special holiday programs.  Lidia Bastianich creates a special Christmas for her grandchildren in a live-action and animated special NONNA TELL ME A STORY.  We get a wonderful peek at what it was like for Lidia celebrating a traditional family Christmas in Italy with her grandparents.

Nonna Tell Me a Story: Lidia’s Christmas Kitchen, 11:30am Saturday on WOSU TV.

The folks of AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN have decided to take on a holiday challenge as only they can do. Cooking a holiday supper from the Fannie Farmer cookbook. Fannie Farmer published her Boston Cooking School cookbook in 1896 and it revolutionized home cooking. She provided exact measurements and ingredient list for her recipes. Until then every cookbook gave estimates and would claim “results may vary”. The team from AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN recreates a 12-course meal even going back to the cookware of the 1800′s. You’ll laugh at the team, feel sorry for them and eventually cheer for them during this very entertaining holiday special.

Fannie’s Last Supper, 1:00pm Saturday on WOSU TV.

Later in the afternoon we travel to Europe and shop at the Christmas Markets. EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS MARKETS is a wonderful half hour show that lets you explore the magic of the Christmas Markets from the comfort of your home. Then Rick Steves’ takes us once again on a journey across Europe bringing to us each country’s Christmas traditions.

Rick Steves’ European Christmas, 5:00pm Saturday on WOSU TV.

Finally settle in Christmas evening with your favorite British comedy’s celebrating the holiday as only Hyacinth, Richard and the folks at Grace Brothers can.

Stacia H.

  • QPatch

    What.s with all the air channels? I lost signal on 34, had to scan and turn on my portable to find “Barnstormers”, etc. last p.m.
    It was my RadioShack converter on my main set that blanked out with a “no signal” msg. showing.
    Ur programs mean a lot, thanks. Joyous Noel!