Call The Midwife Season 2 concludes on Sunday at 6pm

Season two of CALL THE MIDWIFE concludes on Sunday, November 24 with back-to-back episodes beginning at 6pm.  In episode six, Jenny’s nursing rounds lead her to a family that has suffered devastating misfortune. Now Jenny works to reconcile the dying father with his only remaining daughter. Having secured a visit from a TB screening van, Dr. Turner pulls off an epic day, backed by the midwives, but little can prepare them for what the results will mean for one of their own.

On the season’s conclusion at 7pm, Cynthia administers daily insulin to a man who consistently belittles his wife, Annie. A visit from Annie’s son and support from Cynthia help Annie gain confidence to start to change her life. Jenny witnesses persecution of a different kind when she looks after a black mother-to-be who is subjected to racial prejudice from neighbors.  Nonnatus House takes ownership of a scooter to help with rounds and everyone is thrilled when Chummy and Peter return from Sierra Leone with a surprise.