Brit Floyd Live in Liverpool – Friday, March 2, 9:00pm on WOSU TV

Brit Floyd: Live in Liverpool celebrates the release of the brand new official Pink Floyd ‘Best Of’ album, A Foot In the Door, the performance will include all of Pink Floyd’s best work, in its entirety and as selected, personally, by Pink Floyd band members themselves. As an extra bonus, BRIT FLOYD’s new show will also include a full 23 minute show-stopping rendition of Echoes, taken from Pink Floyd’s classic 1971 album, Meddle.

  • Smith Rachel

    My program log said Brit Floyd was supposed to air 3/5 at 11pm. There was a yoga show instead. Why did this happen? Why did not the programming follow the schedule stated? I missed the Brit Floyd show on 3/2 at 9pm, thought happily that I could watch it tonight! I am very disappointed! Please explain. Thank you.

    • Stacia Hentz

      I’m happy to say “Brit Floyd Live in Liverpool” was a very successful membership program for us. Our thank you gift for pledging the program were tickets to the upcoming Columbus Brit Floyd concert. Due to the success of the program we are all out of tickets and therefore had to pull the show Monday night.

      In general the schedule is always flexible during membership drives. When we have to make changes we try to do so in a timely manner so program guides and listings get updated. Unfortunately we’re not always able to make the changes in enough time to get the correct listings posted. The one place you can always find the most up to date program listings is on our website.

      If you’d like more information on Brit Floyd you can visit their website;


  • Stacia Hentz

    Good news for Brit Floyd fans. The Brit Floyd promoters worked with us and we were able to secure additional tickets to their upcoming Columbus concert. Now that we have more thank you gifts to offer look for the program airing again this Friday night on WOSU PLUS and Saturday evening on WOSU TV.

  • Osu_1994

    I bought the $100 membership tickets, when will I receive my package?


    • Stacia Hentz

      “Please contact Alysia Gobert-Smith at 614-688-4355 or and she will be happy to access your membership records and let you know when you can expect your Thank You gift to arrive.”


  • Vicky

    We got two tickets to the Brit floyd show. I would like to bring a handicapped friend with me on one of the tickets. Are these tickets handicapped friendly?

    • Stacia Hentz

      Vicky the membership folks tell me the tickets are general admission and should not be a problem for your friend. As with any public venue there will be handicap accommodations available for those who need it.

      If you have any further questions about the concert please contact Alysia Gobert-Smith at 614-688-4355 or and she will be happy to help you.