Brit Floyd, Celebrating Trains and Downton Abbey

WOSU TV will begin our first membership drive of the year on Friday.  We always go into a membership drive with high hopes and most of the time you never disappoint us with your continued support.  We’re very fortunate to live in a community that finds value in public media, especially when it’s been a little tough to save  extra pennies.

This year we have quite a lot to brag about and I wanted to take this time to remind you of some of the great programs you’ve seen on WOSU TV.   From the moment  Masterpiece Classic introduced us to Lord Grantham and his family we’ve been mesmerized by the beautiful costumes, lavish lifestyle and the classic love story.   On Thursday, March 8 we’ll present Downton Abbey: Behind the Scenes.  If you want to find out even more about the drama from the other side of the camera and would like to buy season one and two of the series, be sure to tune in.

If Downton Abbey wasn’t for you, then how about some of the great American Experience programs we’ve aired over the past two months.  Profiles on Billy The Kid, Annie Oakley, Custer’s Last Stand,  a brand new edition to the President’s series, Clinton and the wonderful program on The Amish that aired this week.  American Experience could not give us these great programs without the support of viewers who love to watch what they do.  On Sunday, March 4 Robert Van Camp is back , live with us in the studio, with more wonderful train trips Celebrating North America’s Steam Railways.  Trains were  an important part of America’s history, connecting the east to the west.

Have you been enjoying the arts programming on Friday nights?  Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S Pinafore, Tony award-winning Memphis, opera from the Met, Women Who Rock, a little banjo from Steve Martin and Tony Ellis, where else are you going to find such great arts programming. We continue our arts this Friday with Brit Floyd: Live in Liverpool.  If you’re a Pink Floyd fan you can’t miss this new special.  We even have tickets to their upcoming concert here in Columbus.  I also need to mention a couple of other music specials you’ll see this weekend, Celtic Woman: Believe and The B-52′s With The Wild Crowd, now there’s a choice of programs.

We just presented the fifth documentary in our Columbus Neighborhood series, Downtown/Franklinton.  This past Sunday we aired a Columbus Neighborhoods marathon starting with the Short North and ending with Downtown/Franklinton.  We’ve received lots of great feedback about the series and it’s been great getting a glimpse into each of these unique neighborhoods.  Stay tune for the sixth neighborhood, Old Towne East, to make its premiere this fall.

If you take just a minute to think back to all the programs you’ve enjoyed over the past year or just two weeks ago, Slavery in America comes to mind for me, I hope you’ll be inspired to continue your support or become a member for the very first time.  I always say we can’t do this without you!