Boy Scouts of Harlem 759

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. Our family was very involved in scouting, my mother, sister and I were in Girl Scouts and my dad and brothers were in Boy Scouts. I’m proud to say my younger brother fully embraced the experience and is an Eagle Scout.

Camping always seems to be a big part of the scouting experience. As a Girl Scout we stayed in camp buildings, which suited me just fine. I’ve camped in a tent and hiked and have decided at this point in my life, if I can’t plug in a blow dryer or order room service I’m not going. But I was fortunate enough to have the camping and scouting experience and after viewing BOY SCOUTS OF HARLEM 759, I knew it was a program I wanted to get on the air.

Here is a group of young men from Harlem heading off to summer scout camp. Some have been there before and know what to expect and some are brand new, full of excitement but then find they’re a little homesick. What I really liked about this program was watching the change in the boys as they spend more time with each other discovering their potential. The boys are guided by two very wise Scout Masters, one who happens to be one of the boy’s grandmother. Every scout troop has its own identity. It’s the commonality of the scouting experience as a whole that takes each troop out of its normal day to day routine for two weeks in the summer to learn they’re all out there working for the same goal, to build confidence in themselves as individuals and a group. Obviously I’m a fan of scouting but ultimately that is not why I chose to put this program on the air. In the end it’s a charming program that tells a good story and that’s why it is scheduled.

I hope you’ll tune in to WOSU TV at 9pm on Tuesday, August 17 to watch BOY SCOUTS OF HARLEM 759, a perfect program to celebrate one hundred years of the Boys Scouts of America.

Stacia H.