Columbus Neighborhoods: University District

3, 2011

Intersections and boundaries are fascinating places, whether it’s East meets West or turf meets surf. In Columbus, the University District is where town meets
gown. Sometimes they’ve stood shoulder to shoulder. At other times, they’ve been toe-to-toe.

Earning Scholarships

1, 2010

I graduated from high school in 2007 from Pickerington North.  During my senior year, I chose to be a part of the schools post-secondary program.  This awesome program gave me the opportunity to take college classes for free.  So instead of rolling out of bed in the morning Monday-Friday to go to high school, I [...]

My Own Chef

11, 2010

In a previous blog, I wrote about my Italian heritage and how I make delicious pasta and bake mouth-watering biscotti. I absolutely love to cook. I don’t just enjoy making Italian foods either, even though they are my specialty. I can remember experimenting in the kitchen even as a little girl. When I was younger, [...]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

6, 2010

There are a few memories that always stick out when I think about my childhood. I can’t recall growing up without thinking about my grandparents. They were like second parents to my sister and I. We would see them almost every day after school and they would entertain us until my mom came to pick [...]

A Parade of Homes

6, 2010

Recently, I was watching WOSU’s new television show b. organic. While learning about how to decorate my house in an environmentally friendly way, I remembered something. Each year the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Central Ohio puts together a two-week showing of approximately eight or nine homes. These homes are constructed by some of the [...]

I’m as Irish as I Wish

26, 2010

I remember when I was little I would ask my mother about our family history and all she ever talked about was Italian. Although I can make some darn good pasta and bake some mouth-watering biscotti, I am still curious what the other half of my heritage might be. About half of my ethnic background [...]

The Origin of American Craft

10, 2010

Of the many unique crafts available, each one has a history and can be traced back to hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Each technique did not just appear fully formed and matured. The traditions of our ancestors have been passed on throughout the ages to evolve into the techniques artists cherish today. Beads, [...]