Steve Raichlen’s Project Smoke

29, 2015

You know Steve Raichlen from BARBECUE UNIVERSITY and PRIMAL GRILL but now he’s grilling in a whole new way, “Smoking is the new grilling,” says Steven Raichlen.  STEVE RAICHLEN’S PROJECT SMOKE begins Saturday at 2:30pm on WOSU TV and it’s everything you ever wanted to know about smoking foods and more.  With a world-class collection of [...]

Doc Martin News

21, 2015

We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls recently asking about the new season of DOC MARTIN.  It’s coming, but you’ll need to be a bit more patient.  Filming of season seven began in the Cornish town of Port Isaac, which doubles as Portween, in March.  Martin Clunes is happy to be back playing the [...]

Admiral Byrd

Object Checklist: Conquering the Ice-Byrd
Byrd in the library of Little America, prior to the South Pole flight, with a stone from Floyd Bennett's grave, 1929.
July 16, 2015

On Monday night at 10pm WOSU TV presents our local production ADMIRAL BYRD:FORGED ON ICE.  This one hour documentary is a great look at the man and his life’s mission. Byrd’s ambition and perserverance helped him make history in 1929 by becomming the first person to fly over the South Pole.  His desire to prove himself [...]

NOVA: Chasing Pluto

13, 2015

If you’ve been following the latest news from space then you know Tuesday, July 14 is a big day.  NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will come to the end of its nine-year journey with a flyby of Pluto. When I was in school Pluto was a planet, and I’m still stuck on this notion.  It will [...]

New Sherlock First Look

10, 2015

PBS has released a clip of the new SHERLOCK special coming to MASTERPIECE MYSTERY later this winter.  Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Special Friday Night Concert Events

9, 2015

Two great concert events are on tap for your enjoyment this Friday beginning at 9pm on Friday Night Arts. First up is Grammy-winning performer, composer, and former Beach Boys legend, Brian Wilson.  Wilson gathered together a group of artists to perform a few hits from his earlier career like, Good Vibrations,” “Sloop John B” and “Help Me Rhonda.” [...]

Poldark Old and New

7, 2015

This is a special note for all of you who watched POLDARK when it first aired on MASTERPIECE in the 1970′s.  Robin Ellis was the first actor to play Ross Poldark and was as dashing, at the time, as Aidan Turner is today.  If you watched this past week’s episode and think you may have [...]

Happy 239th Birthday America!

26, 2015

Hard to believe July 4th is just around the corner, but it is and WOSU TV will be celebrating America’s independence day all weekend. We start Friday night July 3rd at 9pm with GREAT PERFORMANCES: STAR-SPANGLED SPECTACULAR: BICENTENNIAL OF OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM. On September 13, 1814, during the Battle of Baltimore, Francis Scott Key was inspired to write [...]

How Did We get Here?

Full size series infographic for FIRST PEOPLES
22, 2015

On Wednesday night at 9pm WOSU TV will begin a 5 part documentary series titled FIRST PEOPLES. The subject of this series can be a little confusing, it took me a while to get what this was about.  Basically as prehistoric humans began to spread out across the world, the intermixing of the genes determined [...]