Seasonal Programming on WOSU TV

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17, 2014

December is a month full of anticipation and joy. Stores are filled with holiday goodies and neighborhoods are aglow with the season’s trimmings. This month on WOSU TV we have a variety of special programs to put viewers in the spirit of the season.

Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler

16, 2014

Some of you may remember a series we ran several years ago titled Walking the Bible.  It was a wonderful series hosted by Bruce Feiler, the gentleman who wrote the book the series was based on.  Bruce Feiler is back tonight at 8pm with a brand new series, Sacred Journeys.  You may have seen a preview [...]

First Man On The Moon

8, 2014

If you’re old enough you remember exactly what you were doing when Neil Armstrong climbed out of the Eagle and became the first man to step on the moon.  If you weren’t around when it happened you’ve seen the amazing images, a little grainy and in black and white, but they still make an impression. [...]

Music and Mystery

4, 2014

We’re coming into the final week of our December membership drive and we’re ending with several great new programs. If you missed the final episode of AGATHA CHRISTIE’S POIROT series last Saturday night, we’re giving you another chance to see how it all ends.  An encore presentation of CURTAIN-POIROT’S LAST CASE will air Sunday at [...]

Thank You From WOSU TV

26, 2014

When you’re a child and the school year begins in September, after the initial excitement of the first days of school wear off, you begin the countdown to the holidays. It always seems to be so far away.  Then you grow-up and say to yourself how can it be Thanksgiving already, school just started!  But [...]

Make ‘em Laugh

21, 2014

WOSU TV celebrates some of the great entertainers that still make us laugh. First up is Jay Leno, this year’s recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. Some of the biggest names in comedy come together to celebrate the “Tonight Show” host, comedian and performer.  Not to be missed is Jimmy Fallon’s salute to [...]

To Catch A Comet

14, 2014

The space community has been a twitter this week with the landing Wednesday of the Rosetta spacecraft on comet #67P.  A mission that started ten years ago passed its first hurdle this week with a rather bumpy landing.  What an impressive achievement for the European Space Agency. Scientist hope to have Rosetta ride with the [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- November 9-15

7, 2014

This week I want to focus on three programs everyone should see. Tuesday- Navy SEALs-Their Untold Story Tuesday is Veteran’s Day and over the years WOSU TV has shown many programs celebrating the brave men and women who serve our country.  Navy SEALs have always been an elusive branch of the service.  I suppose the [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- November 2-8

31, 2014

It’s hard to believe we’re already into November. The weather’s getting colder and it’s the perfect time to stay warm inside and watch all the great programs coming up this month on WOSU TV. Sunday- Great Estates Scotland: Inveraray Encore presentations of our COLUMBUS NEIGHBORHOODS series continue at 8pm with the UNIVERSITY DISTRICT.  The University [...]