My Wild Affair: The Rhino Who Joined the Family

MY WILD AFFAIR Mike Condy and rhino
Rhino in front of Mike Condy sitting in the grass
30, 2014

Rescued from flooding of the Zambezi River, Rupert, an orphaned black rhinoceros, was brought up in the suburban family home of wildlife vet Dr. John Condy. Watch Preview.

John Glenn: A Life of Service

John Glenn
John Glenn
July 29, 2014

Chronicle the extraordinary life and career of an American legend, including Glenn’s distinguished military, NASA and political careers. Watch Preview.

Civil War: The Untold Story – Death Knell of the Confederacy

Civil War: The Untold Story
With the 1860 election of anti-slavery candidate Abraham Lincoln, thirteen states from the South secede and form the Confederate States of America. Union military leaders, along with Lincoln himself, realize that ending the rebellion rests on controlling the Mississippi River. In February 1862, Union forces, led by an obscure general named Ulysses S. Grant, establish a foothold in southern Tennessee near a simple log structure known as "Shiloh Church." On April 6, 1862, a Confederate force of over 40-thousand, led by General Albert Sidney Johnston, launch a surprise attack on Grant. The fighting in the hellish terrain surrounding Shiloh is some of the most brutal of the entire war. By day's end, victory is in sight for the attacking Confederates. But Johnston has been struck in the leg by a bullet, and bleeds to death in 20 minutes. The death of Johnston is a harbinger of a great change that will soon sweep over "Bloody Shiloh."
28, 2014

September 19, 1863, the first day of the Battle of Chickamauga ends in a draw. On the next day, the battle is determined by one of the biggest blunders of the Civil War. Watch Preview.

Masterpiece Mystery: Poirot – The Big Four

"The Big Four" Sunday, July 27, 2014 at 9-10:30pm ET on PBS Adapted by Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), "The Big Four" plunges Poirot into a world of global espionage, set against the backdrop of the impending WWII. The public is in a panic after the shocking death of a Russian chess grandmaster. With the help of old friends Captain Hastings, Inspector Japp and Miss Lemon, Poirot must navigate international figures and intrigue to identify the culprit. Shown from left to right: Pauline Moran as Miss Lemon, Philip Jackson as Inspector Japp, David Suchet as Poirot, and Hugh Fraser as Captain Hastings (C) ITV Studios for MASTERPIECE This image may be used only in the direct promotion of MASTERPIECE. No other rights are granted. All rights are reserved. Editorial use only.
27, 2014

Poirot plunges into a world of global espionage, set against the backdrop of the impending WWII. Watch Preview.

The Lawrence Welk Show: Down on the Farm

Lawrence Welk Show
Lawrence Welk and his musical family have been entertaining the PBS audience for years.
July 26, 2014

Host: Mary Lou Metzger. “How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm” gets us rolling on this “farm” show.

American Masters: Jeff Bridges – The Dude Abides

Jeff Bridges
Explore the life of Jeff Bridges
July 25, 2014

Explore the life, art, and on-screen acting talent of Jeff Bridges. Watch Preview.

Doc Martin: Better The Devil

Doc Martin
From: BUFFALO PICTURES IN ASSOCIATION WITH HOMERUN PRODUCTIONS FOR ITV DOC MARTIN A new series of Doc Martin is back with MARTIN CLUNES as the curmudgeonly Dr Martin Ellingham, whose truculent and tactless manner causes mayhem in a small Cornish community. Martin is joined by a prestigious cast, which includes Stephanie Cole as his Aunt Joan, who provides him with emotional support in the face of disquiet among the villagers. Caroline Catz plays pretty primary school teacher Louisa Glasson, who catches the doctor�s eye. But Dr Ellingham is hopeless at relationships, and makes a terrible faux pas with Louisa. Ian McNeice and Joe Absolom star as father and son, Bert and Al Large, who try to sort out the village�s plumbing problems. Stewart Wright plays local bobby PC Mark Mylow, who seems more bothered by his personal dilemmas than crime solving. Felicity Montagu plays local radio presenter, Caroline. Katherine Parkinson makes her debut as Pauline, the new receptionist at the surgery and Trist
24, 2014

On a visit to a hospital, Martin is stunned to meet Edith, an old girlfriend from med school days who is now a top-ranking doctor with a flourishing private practice. Watch Preview.

My Wild Affair: The Ape Who Went to College

Chantek in Zoo Atlanta
23, 2014

This is the incredible story of Chantek, the orangutan raised as a human child on an American university campus during the 70s and 80s. Watch Preview.

Al Capone: Icon

Al Capone
Al Capone (front and center) being escorted to the train in Chicago that will take him to U. S. Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta. U. S. Marshal Laubenheimer is to his right and the car thief transported with him is between them in the second row. In the second row, far right with the white hat, is almost certainly Eliot Ness. He and the Untouchables were (as reported in the Chicago newspapers), guarding Capone until he was safely on the train to Atlanta.
22, 2014

More than 80 years after the height of his power, explore Capone’s enduring impact on American culture & learn why people are still so fascinated by the gangster. Watch Preview.