August Membership Drive

The Everly Brothers(Photo: TJL Productions)
The Everly Brothers(Photo: TJL Productions)

The August membership drive continues this week on WOSU TV. On Thursday night we will be presenting a WOSU Public Media Board challenge night with Best of Columbus Neighborhoods.

We hope you’ll tune in to see some of the best stories from the Columbus Neighborhoods series and choose to support this continuing series and all the great programs on WOSU TV.

If you enjoy music specials we have several for you to choose from, beginning Friday night at 9pm with 50s & 60s Rock Rewind. Other music favorites include, Classical Rewind, Ethan Bortnick, Big Band Years and Under the Streetlamp.

Special August membership programming will conclude on Tuesday, August 19.  Please check our online broadcast schedules for the most up to date program listings and thank you for supporting WOSU TV.