Arctic Dinosaurs

Why do we find dinosaurs so fascinating? I remember as a kid collecting a grocery bag full of stones embedded with all different kinds of sea shell looking fossils. This was such an exciting find that I hung onto those rocks for years. Later in college when we were studying the “Big Bang Theory” I was reminded of my bag of rocks with their fossils.

What if all the dinosaurs did not die off after the big meteor hit Earth? Scientist have found that there were some dinosaurs who were able to adapt and survive in the cold.

Nova Arctic Dinosaurs airs Wednesday, July 27 at 9pm on WOSU TV.

Seventy million years ago, northern Alaska was farther north than it is today, and on Alaska’s North Slope scientist have found the riches beds of fossils belonging to the arctic dinosaurs. Paleontologists have determined that there were eight different types of arctic dinosaurs. Some where plant eaters and others feasted on the smaller animals.

This NOVA episode will take you along on a unique field expedition to Alaska’s North Slope. Join the team of researchers as they dig a tunnel into the permafrost in order to collect the dinosaur bones. And of course using stunning CGI, NOVA will breathe life into the arctic dinosaurs’ lives and their environment to give you a first hand account of what it must have been like seventy million years ago.


  • Wednesday, July 27 at 9pm on WOSU TV
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