Amish, Part One on American Experience- Tues. Jan. 28 at 8pm

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE will premiere their new documentary AMISH SHUNNED on Tuesday, February 4th.  Before we get to this new program, WOSU TV will be presenting the original documentary from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, AMISH on Tuesday, January 28 and February 4.  When we first aired AMISH: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE we received  a lot of great viewer feedback.  If you missed it or would like to see it again here’s your chance.

In AMISH the film starts with an examination of the Amish communities response to the school shooting in Nickel Mines in Lancaster County, PA.   Just hours after the shooting, Amish community members visited the gunman’s family to offer forgiveness. This particular school shooting horrified the nation for the senseless brutality of the shootings and left many questioning the victims’ startling response. The film answers many questions about this insistently insular religious community.

The producers were given unprecedented access to the Amish.  This relationship, built on patience and hard-won trust, allowed the producers to penetrate and explore this attention-averse group. The program gives us an extraordinarily intimate portrait of contemporary Amish faith and life. It questions why and how the Amish, an insistently closed and communal culture, have thrived within one of the most open, individualistic societies on earth.  It lets us see how the Amish have successfully resisted the encroachments of modern society and government, and asks what American’s attraction to the Amish says about deep American values.  Finally the producers look at what the future holds for a community whose existence is so rooted in the past.

Part one of AMISH: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE airs Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 8pm, just before the State of the Union Address, and part two airs on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 8pm leading into the premiere of AMISH SHUNNED.