A New Season Of Sherlock

“Masterpiece Mystery!” returns on Sunday with a brand new season of Sherlock.  If you remember, or have been watching “Masterpiece Mystery!” on Thursday nights you know,  Sherlock and Watson were left trying to figure out how to escape Moriarty’s trap.

I’m a Sherlock Homes fan, always have been, so I’m a bit picky about the various adaptions done for TV and film.  I’ve been very happy with the latest film adaption done by Guy Richie and Robert Downey, Jr.  They really stick to the stories, all the nuances and character details are there, not to mention the correct  time period of Sherlock Holmes.  I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the modern-day take on Sherlock done by the BBC and Masterpiece.  They moved Sherlock and Watson into the modern world, I know some of our viewers were a little disappointed when they first heard that bit of news.  I have to give them credit,  Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman  have manged to capture the true Sherlock experience in their portrayals of the famous characters.  If you haven’t watched because of the modern-day feel, I encourage to take a look, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

On Sunday we finally get to see how Sherlock  manages to survive a poolside face-off with his insane arch-nemesis Moriarty and end up in Buckingham Palace’s inner chambers, clad only in a sheet!  “Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia”  introduces us to Irene Adler,  a beautiful entrepreneur whose special relationship with the rich, powerful and royal has allowed her to amass coveted information powerful enough to topple the government.  As most Sherlock fans know, Adler is  a worthy match for our  detective.  She masterfully maneuvers her many assets in a game that Sherlock is ill-prepared to fight: love.    It’s the start of a great season ahead for “Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock”.

“Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock” airs Sunday, May 6 at 9pm on WOSU TV with an encore presentation on Monday, May 7 at 9pm on WOSU PLUS.

  • Tom Hayes

    I thought the show was stupid. I’m sorry I watched it! I hope you do not renew this series anymore.

  • Ellen

    I think this is a great show. I’m trying to find out when the next series begins.

    • Stacia H.

      Thanks for sticking up for Sherlock! I’m sorry Tom didn’t care for the series, fortunately the majority of our viewers agree with you. There will be a season three of Sherlock but you’ll need to be patient.
      Like our Downton Abbey fans, you’ll have to wait until next year for season three to make its debut.
      In the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy new episodes of Masterpiece Mystery with Inspector Lewis, Wallander and a special mystery titled “Endeavour” featuring a young Inspector Morse.

      Thanks for watching!
      Stacia H.