A New Masterpiece Classic Story Begins

This Sunday MASTERPIECE CLASSIC premieres a brand new drama, THE PARADISE.  Based on the French novel by Emile Zola, THE PARADISE is the  story of a young woman, Denise Lovett, who gets a job as a shop girl in The Paradise.  Although set about the same time as MR SELFRIDGE, and in a British department store, this is a different and perhaps a bit more entertaining story.

Denise Lovett is a girl from the country with big dreams.  Working in her’s Uncle’s drapery shop she seeks to move to the big department store in the city, The Paradise.  As she struggles with the politics of working in the Ladiesware department, it isn’t long before her beauty and talent catch the eye of the store’s dashing owner, John Moray.  Unfortunately Mr. Moray has a fiance, who holds the purse strings.

This seven part series begins airing Sunday night at 9pm on WOSU TV with encore presentations Monday’s at 9pm on WOSU PLUS.