A New BritCom for Saturday Night

Every October PBS programmers get the chance to view new program offers from the BBC.  You can probably guess what most folks are looking for every year, yes it’s a new BritCom.  I know viewers love our Saturday night line-up of BritComs because they’re consistently listed in our top 10 rated shows of the week. 

However I also get feedback from viewers who enjoy the classics, but would really love to see something new.  It’s not an easy task trying to find a program that is not only funny, but is also affordable and has more than six episodes or one season available.

This Saturday night, WOSU TV will premiere Lead Balloon a new BritCom that has been described as the British version of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Here’s a quick description of the show.

Rick Spleen is a disillusioned stand-up comedian and writer whose career has not gone the way he had planned. Hosting corporate events, appearing on second-rate daytime chat shows and fronting cheap sell-through DVDs was not what he dreamed of as a young man. Worse still, he’s stuck with a lousy stage name that he chose 20 years ago.

Whether he is being accused of putting on weight, suspected of being gay or worried about accidentally poisoning another performer, Rick combines a mass or neuroses and petty grievances with a terrible propensity for lying. It is not a recipe for success. Along for the ride is his quick-talking American co-writer Marty, his unflappable partner Mel and his feckless daughter Sam.

Lead Balloon airs Saturday nights at 10 pm on WOSU TV beginning, March 23.

  • Serafina

    Loved it!

  • Karen

    Where did the Lead Balloon go? I loved it and hope to see it in the Saturday night line up again soon!!!!!Karen