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The Portsmouth Flood Walls

14, 2014

This Sunday night at 8 pm, WOSU TV is very excited to present the brand new documentary BEYOND THESE WALLS: BUILDING COMMUNITY THROUGH ART.   In 1992 a small group of community leaders in Portsmouth, Ohio asked, “How can we create pride in our community, improve the local economy and change a dying part of town [...]

Something Special For Valentines Day

Crepes with Chocolate and Walnuts
Lidia's Kitchen: Crepes with Chocolate and Walnuts
February 13, 2014

Looking for a Valentine’s Day present beyond the typical flowers and a card? For something special, make a romantic breakfast for your true love. Try these Crepes with Chocolate and Walnuts, from Lidia Bastianich!  http://lidiasitaly.com/recipes/detail/1001. Looking for something really special to remember the day, how about  jewelry!  Check out this appraisal of a yellow diamond [...]

Great Cathedral Mystery on NOVA

12, 2014

“Great Cathedral Mystery” premieres tonight on NOVA. The great cathedral in Florence features the largest masonry dome on earth – over forty stories tall! How they managed to build it 600 years ago is a mystery that has confounded historians and engineers. Tonight, NOVA tests the latest theories about its construction. Watch tonight or set [...]