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Weekday Nights at 7:30pm Are All New

30, 2013

WOSU TV premieres a new line-up of programming at 7:30pm Monday through Friday.  On two of the five days we’re proud to present two local programs for our viewers to sample.  One’s been around for a few years and debuts on a new day and the other is a brand new weekly magazine series focusing [...]

Skeletons of the Sahara- Wed., Sept. 25 at 10pm on WOSU

23, 2013

This film tells the story of scientist Paul Sereno’s amazing discovery of a prehistoric human burial ground in the middle of one of the world’s most forbidding desert.  Six weeks into a three-month journey, Sereno’s team makes an unexpected discovery. They find bones not belonging  to prehistoric beasts but to humans.  The last remnants of [...]