Secrets of Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Secrets of Her Majesty's Secret Service
Exterior M15 Building in London
31, 2014

Her Majesty’s Secret Service, or MI6 as it is known, is the world’s most legendary spy agency, thanks to the James Bond stories.

This Week on WOSU TV- August 25-30

22, 2014

This week  begins with a new mystery on MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! and finish’s up with a great profile of photographer Dorothea Lange on AMERICAN MASTERS. Monday- World War II Desert War On Monday evening at 10pm WOSU TV will air the first of a two-part series on the World War II desert war campaign.  This is [...]

Breathless on Masterpiece Mystery

19, 2014

Masterpiece Mystery returns on Sunday with a brand new drama, Breathless. Set in a 1961 British hospital, BREATHLESS stars Jack Davenport, who may be familiar to fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, as Dr. Otto Powell.

August Membership Drive

The Everly Brothers
The Everly Brothers
August 13, 2014

The August membership drive continues this week on WOSU TV. On Thursday night we will be presenting a WOSU Public Media Board challenge night with Best of Columbus Neighborhoods. We hope you’ll tune in to see some of the best stories from the Columbus Neighborhoods series and choose to support this continuing series and all [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- August 3-9

Frank Sinatra (left) and Jimmy Van Heusen looking at music together, 1950s.
Frank Sinatra (left) and Jimmy Van Heusen looking at music together, 1950s.
August 1, 2014

We finish up some summer series this week and begin our August membership drive at the end of the week.

This Week on WOSU TV- July 27-August 2

Rhino in front of Mike Condy sitting in the grass
July 25, 2014

This week on WOSU TV: Masterpiece Mystery, Civil War: The Untold Story, John Glenn, Mark Twain, black rhinoceros and more!

This Week on WOSU TV- July 20-26

18, 2014

This week on WOSU: Al Capone, Civil War: The Untold Story, Jeff Bridges, Last Tango in Halifax, Sex in the Wild, and more!

This Week on WOSU TV- July 13-19

11, 2014

Masterpiece Mystery: Endeavor continues on Sunday evening followed by Vicious at 10:30pm.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out Vicious, I encourage you to do so.  In this week’s episode  Ash is confused about his career so Freddie suggests going into acting. But when Ash lands an acting role after only one audition, Freddie becomes distraught. [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- July 6-12

7, 2014

On Monday, July 7 WOSU TV begins the 5-part series CIVIL WAR: THE UNTOLD STORY.  This new series from Nashville Public Television focuses on the Civil War’s Western Campaign, which some historians argue shaped the final outcome of the Civil War. CIVIL WAR: THE UNTOLD STORY uses letters from both soldiers and civilians, interviews with [...]

This Week on WOSU TV – June 30- July 5

30, 2014

We start off this week on with a vintage visit to Columbus from Antiques Roadshow, then have new history program on Tuesday, A Capital Fourth celebration and Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis returns Saturday.