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WOSU Public Media’s mission is to enrich lives through content and experiences that engage, inform, and inspire. We are able to uphold that mission through the generous support of the communities that we serve. There are many ways that you can give to help keep your public broadcasting available to all.

The largest support for our stations comes from the more than 20,000 individuals and families who contribute annually.

Ways to Give

Mike Schmidt in the WOSU radio studio
Planned Giving
Pass on your values to future viewers and listeners by naming WOSU Public Media as a beneficiary in a will or estate plan. Learn more.
Anne Melvin in front of the Classical 101 studio named in her honor
Leadership Giving and Special Gifts
Give a gift that will substantially impact our ability to fulfill WOSU’s mission both now and in the future. Learn more.
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Program Support
Underwriting spots provide a targeted message and show your organization’s support of public broadcasting. Learn more.
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Donate Your Vehicle
WOSU’s Vehicle Donation Service makes sure your donation is tax-deductible – it’s easy and free. Learn more.
WOSU Volunteers
Volunteers are essential in helping to provide quality services to the community. Learn more.