The National Parks garners huge audience in Columbus

| September 28, 2009 | 6 Comments

Our sources say we had an audience last night for the premiere program of the National Parks series that was four times the normal size for a Sunday night. This is great news when you’re competing against the season premiere of Amazing Race, Sunday Night Football and Desperate Housewives.
This series is a real winner and the timing couldn’t be better. Not only does it reveal the power of HDTV, but shows off again how well Ken Burns and his team can tell compelling stories. My bet is national park attendence will climb next year. I know we’re planning a trip west already.
Last Friday night, we showed clips of the National Parks series and filled our studios at COSI with parks related groups and stuff — from kayaks to campers. 3,500 folks showed up at COSI’s family friday night. It was quite an evening.


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  • Sandra Hudson

    Is anyone else having broadcast problems with the National Parks footage? We are on Insight cable and for just this WOSU program we are having severe reception problems. It skips, stops, the signal breaks up some as well. We are missing so much dialogue and visual footage that I’m ready to turn off the TV. We do have a nearly new flat screen HD tv so I know the problem isn’t on our end. I can’t say how disappointing this is.

  • Jane Damschroder

    What is the problem with the feed for the National Parks series? Sunday evening I struggled to make it through the 2 hours due to constant interruptions where the screen would go totally blank and the audio would be gone. Tonight the same thing is happening – probably 5 times in the last 30 minutes I’ve lost the audio and video.

  • Norbert Stalica

    For how much this program was touted- I was greatly interested is seeing it in HDTV purity- I was greatly disappointed in the transmission quality both on Sunday and Monday. I watched directly from an antenna in one room as well as by satellite transmission on Direct TV and there was frequent disruption of the signal. At first I blamed Direct TV but soon became aware that the same interruption was occuring several seconds later on satellite as it was on the direct transmission signal from the antenna. I hope that the engineers solve the problem for the future episodes, whether it was a station or network feed difficulty.

  • Steve Hornyak

    I agree with the above responses on the quality of broadcasting for this spectacular show. I watched Sunday and struggled with the constant interruptions. Monday night was more of the same and unfortunately my spouse was not as patient and wanted to change the channel to Dancing with the Stars. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this issue or at least run a disclaimer identifying the problem. Thank you.

  • Larry Haas

    I too had the same problems with pixilation, loss of sound and a blank screen. I’m on DirecTV and have 2 standard definition receivers. It was the same on both receivers. It was bad Sunday and worse on Monday. It was so unwatchable last night that I turned it off. I’ve been looking forward to watching this for two years. Now I’ll have to wait another week and rent the DVD.

  • Scott Gowans

    Thank you for writing about your concerns regarding the broadcast of National Parks: America’s Best Idea. We have been looking forward to the premiere of this fascinating and beautiful documentary ourselves, so we understand your frustration about the quality of the broadcast: On behalf of WOSU, I sincerely apologize for the disruption of your enjoyment of National Parks.

    We have identified the problem (a faulty relay switch in our microwave transmitter), and we are confident that we will be able to get the issue corrected by tonight’s broadcast, so please tune in this evening!

    In the meantime, last night’s episode ( the second in the series) will be broadcast tonight at 8pm on WOSU.PLUS: this channel offers a one-day delay of WOSU TV’s primetime schedule. To find out what channel WOSU PLUS in on with your particular service, visit the following url: In addition, WOSU plans to broadcast the series again during the month of December. Although it is a few months away, it is another opportunity for viewers to watch the series.

    Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns, and again our most sincere apologies.

    Tom Rieland