Sesame Street Turns 40!

| November 4, 2009 | 0 Comments

“Sesame Street” hitting 40? No way! Am I really that old?

If you developed your “Street” smarts with help from Elmo, Oscar, Big Bird and the rest of the gang, let us know your story. What do you remember about growing up with Sesame Street? Place in comments below.

We were lucky a few years ago at WOSU to meet and get to know Carroll Spinney, who is the expert puppeteer for both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. Carroll helped us christen our new studios at WOSU@COSI by performing at a special event and bringing Oscar with him and he’s quite a grouch! He was with Jim Henson from the start. Watch the latest version of Sesame Street every day at 11 am on WOSU TV. First Lady Michelle Obama will be the special guest on November 11th.



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