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I was able to see MORE THAN A GAME over the weekend with my daughter. If you have any interest in basketball or sport, this documentary is a must see. The piece is, of course, focused on the early years of the development of LeBron James, but also his four best friends — Sian Cotton, Dru Joyce III, Willie McGee and Romeo Travis — as they played basketball for Joyce’s father, also named Dru, during their teenage years growing up in Akron. It was a nine-year journey that brought them a national high school championship.

But the documentary isn’t just about wins and losses so much as it is the friendships formed and lessons learned along the way.

The doc was a high school project (started as a 10 minute piece that the producer got a B grade on) that is now a pretty amazing 90 minute documentary, ending with fanfare at the Schott on the OSU campus. The ending had both my daughter (who plays High School ball) and me in tears.

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