House Votes to Eliminate Public Media Funding

| February 19, 2011 | 3 Comments

Earlier this morning the House passed a continuing resolution eliminating all federal funding for local public television and radio stations by a vote of 235-189. The vote was along party lines as expected. The official results of the roll call vote on final passage can be found online at

Despite the vote, we understand some 170,000 emails and thousands of phone calls flooded House offices in support of Public Media funding. This support will have an impact as the action now moves to the Senate and eventually a conference committee. Our goal is to come out of the Senate in as strong a position as possible in preparation for conference negotiations. We encourage you to signup at our 170 million Americans website to be ready for the next round. My thanks to everyone who has expressed support for WOSU to our central Ohio congressional delegation. They are listening.

Let me reiterate a key fact. When you eliminate federal funding, you do the most damage to local stations across the country. Stations like WOSU that provides children’s programming 11 hours a day on WOSU TV – along with excellent local programming such as Columbus On The Record and Columbus Neighborhoods – Classical 101 that provides 24-hour access to classical music on the radio and features about the local performing arts scene and 89-7 NPR News that provides invaluable national and local news coverage.

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  • John Pittenger

    Well..that tears it! I switched from Democrat to Republican under Reagan. Well, I am coming to my senses! I WILL NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AGAIN!!!!

  • John Stephens

    To the WOSU station management:

    I am a contributing member to WOSU, not every year but from time to time, so I think I have a voice in the debate on public financing of public radio. I hope you do not, I repeat, do not disregard my position on that issue and others who agree with me.

    Let me state clearly my position. I am opposed to government support for public radio. Let that support be voluntary, completely. Too often public radio, both this station and the wider national organizations, are pushing, yes pushing, attitudes, values, and positions on social and political issues that are completely in opposition to my own best thoughts. To have your opinions presented as unbiased, balanced, and truthful insults me, well-educated, well-read, and seriously reflective on those issues. I am not asking the station to present just my point-of-view. I welcome thoughtful and informed perspectives differing from my own. However, too often and in subtle ways the station presents material that is highly objectionable, opinionated, and unbalanced.

    Over the years there have been many examples of this bias. Your offerings contradict your stated self-advertising of the station offering detailed analysis which is balanced, and thoughtful. Yes, the station is better than many other sources of news, commentary, and analysis, but that is not to say that the station’s performance matches its hype. I am tempted to say that WOSU and NPR are too liberal, but that would give you the wrong sense of my disagreement. I am liberal myself in my thinking and values, certainly in the older sense of liberalism with the emphasis on individual rights and responsibilities.

    Please use the debate over your financing to examine how WOSU and NPR are not meeting their high-minded purposes, to present more emphasis on individual responsibility, and to further that emphasis through listener support, rather than through government financing.

    You should not miss this opportunity now to self-reflect on your mission and your performance. I would be a stronger supporter if you would.