Get Free Radio On Your Smartphone Via FM Chip

| July 16, 2014 | 3 Comments
Free Radio On My Phone graphic

FM chips in cell phones can be used to listen to radio. Graphic:

Free over-the-air radio, as well as up-to-the-minute public safety and weather information, could be accessible through your smartphone’s FM chip.

Two of WOSU Public Media’s partners, NPR and American Public Media, are working with other broadcasters to have FM chips activated in current cell phones.

One advantage of the feature is FM radio doesn’t require an internet connection and won’t drain your phone’s battery, according to, the organization spearheading the initiative.

The technology already exists in most mobile phones that are currently in use. To date, only Sprint has enabled FM chips, while the other major carriers – AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile – have refused to activate the chip.

For more information and to encourage your cell phone carrier to activate FM chips, visit

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  • tigersgrowl

    I never knew about that. Had I known, I would have listened to local radio because my data is capped within the first week due to all the 3G radio I listen to. This will be a great help however, I use the Kyrocera Event (don’t laugh, it was only $20 and I got a mortgage) with the Virgin Mobile service using the Sprint network. I contacted Virgin just now, we’ll have to see if they give me the run around as expected with most phone companies or not. If they do, I won’t give up there, I will consult the blogs and forums. If there is a way, I will find it.

    • Jessie

      @tigersgrowl, I also have Virgin Mobile and they use the Sprint network. I will call them also, but I would really appreciate if you post your updates.

  • Yoga Bear

    “I want my FM Radio! Unlock the FM chip in all smartphones you sell so I can get important emergency information when data networks are unavailable and reduce the amount of data I use each month.

    Thank you. I have a HTC one m7 I have looked and the phone has a FM chip and I have Verizon I have called there tech support and they told me all I need to do is find a radio app, you can’t find one that will work without the net, theses company’s just lies to get you off the phone, so I called HTC by the way Verizon told me not to do that, so me being one not to do what I’m told lol I called any ways, HTC told me that they will be updating to lollipop in a few months and then they’re going to come out with the update that send you a FM radio to your phone that they have been working on it for several months without any support from Verizon Wireless so they’ve taken it on their self to go ahead and make a program to turn on the FM chip so that it will work so that we can have free FM radio on our smartphones, we will see. I’ll give them two months if they don’t do it I’m calling back.