Congressional Candidates face off this Friday at WOSU@COSI

| October 26, 2010 | 3 Comments

The Mary Jo Kilroy-Steve Stivers Debate from WOSU@COSI

The Mary Jo Kilroy-Steve Stivers Debate from WOSU@COSI

The Zack Space-Bob Gibbs Debate from WOSU@COSI

The Zack Space-Bob Gibbs Debate from WOSU@COSI

The candidates for the 12th Congressional District – Incumbent Pat Tiberi and challenger Paula Brooks – face off this Friday night, October 29th, in a debate at the WOSU studios at COSI at 8:30 pm. The public is welcome to attend. This is the third debate hosted and produced by WOSU in partnership with the Columbus Metropolitan Club. WOSU News Director Mike Thompson is the moderator, but audience questions are also welcome. On previous Friday nights, we’ve hosted the Space-Gibbs and Kilroy-Stivers congressional debates.

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  • Josh Hyde

    Dear Tom,
    As a constituent in the 12th district, I spoke with the Libertarian Candidate, Travis Irvine, and was excited by his ideas.

    Unfortunately, he’s not in the debate, which I find strange as strange as he’s a candidate.
    So in short, Why has a legitimate candidate been excluded? Especially, a candidate that can talk about solutions to issues that both the Dem and Rep aren’t going to talk about.

    Please let me know as I don’t feel like my vote, address, and intelligence of the 12th district is being respected.

    Your public radio, isn’t it your job to make sure these things don’t happen.

    thanks again Tom…I hope this problem gets remedied as it’s really bringing into the question the integrity of WOSU’s programming.

    A concerned 12th district resident

  • tomrieland

    From WOSU Debate Guidelines – March, 2008

    Third – Party or Independent Candidates

    WOSU will include in debates all qualified candidates who have demonstrated a measurable chance of election to the office they seek. However, the mere presence of a candidate’s name on the ballot is not enough. To be included, a candidate has to demonstrate that he/she satisfies the following two objective criteria:

    • He/She is a legally qualified candidate under rules established by the Federal Communications Commission (based on one of the following): (A) has publicly announced his/her intention to run for the office, is qualified under applicable law to hold the office, and has qualified for a place on the ballot; or (B) has publicly committed to seeking election by the write-in method and documents that he/she is conducting an active campaign, including having a staffed campaign headquarters and receiving press coverage; and
    • Has received five percent (5%) or more of support in a professionally conducted public opinion survey by an independent pollster.

    If a candidate has not met the above criteria, she/he will not be included in a WOSU produced debate because such participation will hinder the audience’s understanding of the positions held by candidates who have a legitimate chance of winning election. The final decision concerning a candidate’s satisfaction of the criteria rests with the management of WOSU Public Media.

    For more information about our consideration of third-party candidates, please link here to a blog about the topic by WOSU News Director Mike Thompson:

  • John McAlister

    I think what WOSU and all the media are saying is that America is a two party (duopoly) system and the voting public has no interest in seeing it any other way so don’t waste our time. Of course it was and has been America’s third party candidates who have shaped the real change in America for the last 100 years.

    Too bad the public won’t be served by the “public media” with a voice from a candidate who is polling over 5%