Champion of Children Special airs Sunday at 1 pm on WOSU TV

| February 12, 2014 | 1 Comment

IMG_0501The 21st annual Champion of Children event this year at the Southern Theatre featured former WOSU radio host Fred Andrle in conversation with Paul Tough, author and provocateur.  His book, How Children Succeed, has been on the NY Times Best Sellers List.  The story we usually tell about childhood and success is one of intelligence, but Tough believes the qualities that matter most have to do with character and skills like perseverance, curiosity and self-control.

Watch WOSU TV this Sunday, February 16 for this special interview taped live at the Southern Theatre Tuesday night.  We’re very proud to partner with the United Way of Central Ohio to bring our audience this program. Our congratulations to this year’s Champions — Dr. Kelly Kelleher of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and City Year Columbus run by friend Todd Tuney.

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  • pcjm08

    so… we are talking about “under-served” children succeeding. So far only whites discussing how minority/poor children are academically behind by first grade, and are “stressed”, and these are predictors for future success or lack there-of. But NO mention of systematic and institutionalized racism as a social pathology at the root of these children’s stress. Ergo, if parents effected by societal oppression, then it follows the children of those parents will suffer. We “nice white ppl” are going to “help” the children learn to manage stress and teach the parents how to recognize their children are stressed. Riiight – this shows “GREAT” promise. My suggestion: look at YOUR programs and the employees of the programs – how diverse is YOUR workforce? How does Childrens Hosp (for instance) promote reducing employment barriers for those parents? How segregated is the work/home world of the “helpers”? Not very ‘diverse’? Why is that? If you do not address the results of segregation and racism – it is of little value that the “nice ppl” want to “help”. These children are not separate from the pathology of racism that creates their circumstances, they are a product of the institutionalized systematic pathology of racists. #elephantintheroomisracism