Announcers Gather to Remember WOSU AM

| December 14, 2011 | 1 Comment

Last Friday, we gathered a dozen past staffers of WOSU AM as the station went off the air.  (See previous blog post for more information on the shutdown of WOSU AM.)  It was a time to reminisce about the old days of AM radio in Columbus.

We ended up having Fred Andrle moderate two recordings with the announcers — the first segment (30 minutes) includes Fred interviewing Tom Wiebell, Don Davis, Bill Cohen and Jo Ingles:


The second segment includes Fred Andrle interviewing Dale Ouzts, Ken Keller, and Charlie Pickard:


Our thanks go out to everyone who made the afternoon special including WOSU’s Amy Milbourne who contacted as many past WOSU AM announcers and managers as possible over a short period of time.  Attending:   Dale Ouzts,  Don Davis, Fred Andrle, Tom Wiebell, Ken Keller, Charlie Pickard, Jim Varga, Bob Schweikart, Bill Cohen and Jo Ingles.

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  • MMartha Loescher

    I am saddened by A.M. 820 going off the air. I have fond memories of two programs: In the Book Stall, and Interlude. They were such good programs, and I’m going to miss 820 very much. I enjoyed it best when it was more educational, but needs change, and I understand. Goodbye to A.M. 820, and thanks for the memories.–Martha Loescher