170 Million Americans — Get Involved Today

| January 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

In the coming weeks, public broadcasting will be under the biggest threat of extinction in its history. The fiscal strength of stations around the country is already at an all-time low due to the economic issues of the past two years, plus state funding for stations in Ohio have been reduced over 60 percent over the past two biennial budgets. Now, public broadcasting faces potentially major federal funding reductions. If you want to keep aware of the federal funding issue and assist stations locally and around the country, we encourage you to signup and get involved at the 170 Million Americans website – it is 170 million Americans that access and use public media every month. We’ll keep you posted on federal legislation and our need for your help in the days ahead.

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  • sandy thomas

    Quality television for every taste is available through PBS, an American treasure. To throw that out like dirty dishwater would be a crime. It is, of course, absolutely necessary to curtail spending by the federal government. But to slash that funding to the point that we destroy a cultural treasure like PBS children’s programming and the many fine PBS history, nature and music programs would be counterproductive.

    Yes, I contribute to PBS and I give PBS products as gifts. I am quite ready to continue to support PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with my taxes as well.