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Road Trip: Zane’s Trace

Downtown Somerset sits on the historic Zane's Trace.
9, 2012

Every week during this travel season, we’ll take you to an interesting but often-overlooked part of Ohio. This week we’re headed to the town of Somerset to explore one of Ohio’s first roads.

Ohio Governor Signs New Rules On Exotic Animals

Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo,speaks at the exotic animal restrictions signing ceremony.
5, 2012

Ohio’s governor has signed into law the state’s widely watched new regulations on exotic animals.

Zanesville Exotic Animals To Remain Under State Quarantine

A state veterinarian ruled Monday that this leopard and four other exotic animals should remain under quarantine in case they have rabies.
April 23, 2012

A state veterinarian has cleared the animals of the infectious diseases for which they were quarantined last year, but they’ll stay under state care out of concern for possible rabies infections.

State Lawmaker Proposes Exotic Animal Regulations

One of the spotted leopards that was rescued from a Zanesville-area exotic animal farm last year. 48 other animals were killed by police.
March 9, 2012

The plan would prohibit people from acquiring additional dangerous wildlife, and require current owners of lions, tigers and other large animals to meet strict new care standards.

Should Massillion Get Exemption From Exotic Animal Ban?

Posted: March 9, 2012

Do you think the school should be able to display the famous Massillon Tiger at football games?

Hearing Set Over Quarantine of Ohio Exotic Animals

One of three leopards rescued by the Zoo from a ranch in Zanesville.
February 12, 2012

A hearing has been scheduled over Ohio’s quarantine order for five exotic animals kept at the Columbus Zoo since their escape in October.

Halliburton Buys Site For Ohio Facility

Emerging forms of drilling for oil and natural gas have transformed much of the Midwest and Great Lakes area.
18, 2011

Halliburton is planning to bring about 300 jobs over the next three years to the Zanesville area as it looks to expected growth in Ohio’s oil and natural gas industry.

Trial Set In Alleged Attempt To Steal Zanesville Lion Carcass.

A Black Leopard is one of six exotic animals rescued from Zanesville area property last month.
29, 2011

Four Ohio men will face trial early next year on charges they tried to steal the carcass of a lion that was one of many exotic animals set free by a suicidal owner.

Ohio Widow Fights Quarantine Of Released Animals

One of three panthers rescued by the Zoo from a ranch in Zanesville.
November 24, 2011

The widow of an Ohio man who released dozens of tigers, bears and other animals at his farm before killing himself is appealing the state’s quarantine of the six surviving creatures. Marian Thompson’s lawyer requested a hearing in a letter to the Ohio Department of Agriculture this week. The lawyer did not cite a specific [...]

Should The Zanesville Exotic Animals Be Returned?

Posted: October 28, 2011

The widow of Terry Thompson wants her animals back, but the Department of Agriculture has issued a quarantine order. What do you think?