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Kasich Pushes Tax Cuts, Education Funding In State Of The State

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25, 2015

Gov. John Kasich took his State of the State speech on the road again last night – this time to Wilmington near Dayton, where he talked tax cuts and increases, but didn’t say anything about his possible presidential ambitions.

Wilmington Prepares For Ohio’s Political Spotlight

Wilmington airport is recovering after the loss of 7,000 jobs in 2009. Governor Kasich will travel to the city for Tuesday's State of the State address
23, 2015

Wilmington is preparing for a political invasion. Governor John Kasich and most state lawmakers will travel to the southwest Ohio city tomorrow for the State of the State address. It’s a return visit for Kasich to a city that was deeply scarred by the Great Recession.

Kasich To Give State Of The State Speech In Wilmington

Governor Kasich wants to give his State of the State address in Wilmington.
30, 2015

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is asking to deliver his annual State of the State speech in Wilmington, a rebounding southwest Ohio city hard hit by job losses during the recession.

Wilmington Adds Jobs, Still Searching For Thousands More

DHl laid off about 9,500 workers when it left the Wilmington Air Park in 2008.
7, 2013

The southwestern Ohio community of Wilmington is a little closer to recovering the thousands of jobs lost with the departure of shipping giant DHL in 2008.

Wilmington Works To Combat State’s Highest Jobless Rate.

26, 2010

In Wilmington, southwest of Columbus, one in six adults, is out of work, the highest unemployment rate in the state. The small city and surrounding region is trying to recover from the closing of D-H-L’s air cargo hub and the loss of 8,000 jobs.

State Hopes To Retrain Unemployed Workers

11, 2009

As the ranks of the unemployed swell, many new arrivals on the unemployment line turn to re-training. Ohio has a two-tiered re-training program that depends, in part, on community colleges.